Rate Card for Cargo Trailer World

Banner Placements
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Rotating Large Banner at the top of the page. (new)   $200 per month

This banner is the premium location and maximum exposure and  is 724 long x 90 tall  and appears on every page.  Discounts include:
(swf Macromedia Flash file 724X90 with embedded hyperlink and target=_blank)

$450 for three months
$750 for six months

Parade of Banners at top of page   $100 per month $250 for three months

Web Special on Right of Home Page.  $100 per month     $250 for three months 
These are home page Web Specials and a new trailer may be substituted several times a month.  They can be linked to the specific ad or back to your website.


Left Side (Home Page Only) Towers   $250/mo. 120 X 300. Very high visibility

-------------  Dealer Packages ------------Dealer Packages ----------

Premier Dealer Package      $100 per month 

Blue Star designation as a Dealer with online inventory to sell.  Unlimited number of trailers allowed. 

Premier Dealer Package with linked inventory  $150 per month 

You can have all your trailers automatically listed on your own website, so you never have to type in a trailer ad twice. Enter them on CTW and with a few lines of code on your web pages, the inventory shows up over there. There is no mention of or path back to CTW.


Custom Websites             

$500 Standard five page website with inventory system 

$750 Standard website with inventory system and custom graphic design

$1500 Std. site with inventory system, custom graphics and online credit application and featured trailers on the home page and "flash" pictures rotating on home page.

  For questions:  dave@horsetrailerworld.com

Call 866-850-2176